Marek Chołoniewski

System ATTS (Audio Time Triggering System)

was designed in 1988 on Yamaha CX5M computer (Music Composer program). ATTS translates any acoustic signals to the series of digital codes controlling computer music sequences. ATTS synchronizes the visual, physical events with illusoric, virtual events.
ATTS has been used in following compositions:
Follow me (1988),
Uszy, Nos, Oczy (1989),
Follow Salzach (1989),
Two Suns (1990),
Switched on... (1991),
Switched off... (1991),
River Dart (1995)

MCOS (MultiControllerOpticalSystem)

Multilevel computer music system translating any movement in a light space to the complex sound structures. Designed for Max program (Macintosh computer).
MCOS (MultiControllerOpticalSystem) was used in following compositions:
Lighting (1995)
Lighting II (1997)
dark&lightZone (1999)
Passage (2001)

System LTTS (LightTimeTriggeringSystem)

Optical computer music system - translates light changes to the series of computer codes, controlling the way the computer music sequences are performed. LTTS (Light Time Triggering System) was designed on Yamaha CX5M computer, later developed on Atari ST computer.
LTTS system was used in following compositions:
WYSYG (What You See You Get) (1989)
Beauty and the Beast / Piękna i Bestia (1991)
Sha Ba Del'Mana (1994)
Doubles (1994)


Multipurpose AudioWave Environment (2003/2006)

design, concept, programming:
Marcin Wierzbicki
original idea, distribution and applications:
Marek Choloniewski

MaWe is an exclusive, independent, cost free patch designed for Max/MSP environment.
MaWe needs Max/MSP program in full or free version (runtime).

MaWe has been designed as a compositional and performance tool for live audio and video purposes.
MaWe in its modular form can be used on slower and faster machines running different operating systems including MacOs X, Windows XP and MacOs 9 (smaller version of MaWe).