About GPS-Art

GPS-Art is a new field of art activity based on the motion in
an open space. GPS-Art is the global interactive instrument
used for creation and processing of the audio and video
material. It integrates elements of audio-visual installation to
be used as a new media transmission. Project is based on a
large outdoor scales of cities and open spaces. Project is
ready to be realized on land, air, underwater as well as in
outer space.
All GPS-Art projects are using GPS-12 device (Global
Positioning System), as well as cell phone system.
GPS-12 describes its location by the calibration of the position of 12 (at least 3)
satellites hanging above the Northern or Southern hemisphere of the earth.
GPS-12 is used for navigation and measures many topographic parameters like: latitude
, speed and many
others. All GPS data are used as a live material for many art
projects of GPS-Art.
Since 2001 through 2012 GPS-Art idea was realized by a series
of GPS-Trans, net/gps/cellphone based performances.