GPS-Trans 2

GPS-Trans 2 has been be performed on August 9, 2001 in- between 9 – 10. P.M. and has formed the second part of the city sound and visual exploration. Map of the city was a graphic score of the audio-visual composition. Position of the car moving through the city with the GPS>Mobile Phone system was calibrated and streamed in form of live performance. Position and the speed of the car controls different sounds of the city recorded in advance. Live sounds from the car were mixed with previously recorded structures and was used for the live processing in a studio. Similar process was used for film, photograph and graphic material in form of puzzles completing the whole map of the city. Presentation was a combination of the slide-show, multimedia tourist-guide and city collage. Composition has been transmitted through Internet in form of webcast available at GPS-Art website -

Project is an artistic transformation of the city obtained by touching its different parts and regions. This is how city becomes a giant resonating instrument, where the moving car is a most important element, kind of playing finger. Sound and image transmission is an old process available by the broadcasting and telecommunication systems. All form of transmission are limited to certain rights protected by the law restrictions, not available by normal user. Costs are charged by the same institutions as a part of their budget. Wireless cellphone data transmission mixed with Internet transmission opens new ways of art projection. GPS-Art project is based on the motion in open space. Measurement of the basic parameters of the object movement (car, boat, helicopter) is used as a basic information used for the live control of the audio-visual composition.

Position of the moving object in open space is measured live by GPS-12 system. Received data is filtered and processed by portable computer system PowerBook G3 and later sent by wireless cellphone Ericsson R320s to the server. This is the way where information from any object on the Northern half of the Globe can be sent to any place on the Globe. System was designed with use of inexpensive, commercially available technical devices. System uses freeware software for noncommercial art purposes.

Marek Chołoniewski – project concept & coordination, voice, music live reports
Marcin Wierzbicki – GPS&Max programming & coordination
Janek Chołoniewski – Flash programming, sound&video webcasting
Ryan Ingebritsen – sound design & editing, bass live
Tomasz Chołoniewski – pilot &city coordinator
Paweł Jackowski – car driver & video editing
Maja Chołoniewska – video recording
Krystyna Chołoniewska – car rent