GPS-Trans 4

On Monday, June 30, 2003 (20.00 o'clock) at the Krzysztofory Gallery in Cracow (Szczepanska Str. 2) the premiere GPS-InterTrans4 project was performed as a result of three earlier GPS-Art projects realized since December 2000 through December 2001.

GPS-InterTrans4 was an internet live bridge between Chicago and Krakow. The reference to the Polish community in Chicago with the historical elements of Krakow was evaluated during the project. GPS-InterTrans 4 combined live, interactive 4D videos and animations from Krakow and mixed with sounds from Chicago. Both cities interacted and interfered live in a form of webcast over one globally available screening surface.

A car moving through Krakow city controlled 4-screen cubic projection at the Krzysztofory Gallery. Audience were part of live images, videos and sounds mix from Krakow and Chicago.

The whole spectacle lasted 1,5 hour and was available live at

The GPS-Team 2003 included:
Janek Chołoniewski (Cracow)
Marek Chołoniewski (Cracow)
Ryan Ingebritsen (Chicago)
Maciej Walczak (Stuttgart)
Marcin Wierzbicki (Warsaw)

and improvisers ensemble:
Tomek Chołoniewski (percussion)
Krzysztof Iwanicki (guitar)
Rafał Mazur (bass)
Tomasz Nazarewicz (flute)

as well as Miho Iwata (dance)

Project was a part of International Workshops For New Music Kraków 2003 realized by Muzyka Centrum Art Society, Kraków/Poland.