GPS-Trans 5

internet project - live workshop
16 January 2005, 19.30 o'clock

part of the project
Cakes and Fakes - Art’s Birthday Celebration 2005
16 - 18 January 2005

Marcin Wierzbicki - GPS-system, programming, city scan, video/audio material GPS IN CRACOW:
Sacha Pecaric - turntables, electronics
Palsecam - electronics
Marek Choloniewski - electronics, coordination, sound projection
Jan Choloniewski - programming, webcast IA:
Keir Neuringer - alt saxophone, alternative instruments
Gilad Roth - saxophones, flute
Tomasz Choloniewski - percussion
Rafal Mazur - bass
Tomasz Nazarewicz - flute GPS-Trans 5 is the next part of Internet project GPS-Art running since December 2000. The concert performance of IA group with guest artists and GPS Internet pipelines: Marcin Wierzbicki running GPS system from his car exploring Luxembourg city. The host Cracow GPS Ensemble includes artists with different backgrounds. They will play a public concert accompanying background live audio and video tracks from Luxembourg. The whole project will be webcasted at PREVIEW