GPS-Trans 6

XIII Audio Art Festival – Sound Spaces 3
Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw
December 9 2005, 8 PM

GPS-Team featured by:

Marek Chołoniewski
concept, coordination,electronics, editing, sound and video control

Marcin Wierzbicki
GPS, Max/MSP programming

Maciej Walczak
graphics, sound and video processing

Jan Chołoniewski
net control and webcast

GPS-Trans 6 is the first project realized out of Krakow. Interactive map of Warsaw city is projected to 4 screens and multichannel sound system. Project is a special form of transmittion in time and space. Sound and wideo material from the streets of the city is recorded in advance for later live controll by the car with GPS system installed. Audience inside the projection space is an integral element of interactive audiovisual communication. All GPS-Art projects prepared by three people: Marek Choloniewski, Marcin Wierzbicki and Jan Choloniewski.