GPS-Trans 8

May 7, 2007
Bunkier Sztuki

Szczepanski Sq. 3a, Krakow, Poland
9.00 P.M. GMT (2 P.M. MiddleEastAmericanTime)

Studio for Electroacoustic Music at the Academy of Music in Krakow - SME
50th Anniversary of Polish Electronic Music
2nd Anniversary of the Polish society for Electroacoustic Music - PSeME
featured by:
**Marek ChoĊ‚oniewski** - concept, Krakow coordination
**Marek Wierzbicki** - Max/MSP/Jitter programming, Luxembourg coordination
**Ryan Ingebritsen** - Chicago coordination
**Shannon Budd** - Chicago GPS car
**Improvising Artists:
Miho Iwata** - dance
**Rafal Drewniany** - electronics
**Michal Dymny** - guitar
**Rafal Mazur** - bass guitar **Marek Ostafil** - technical coordination, Krakow GPS car
**Mariusz Krzysztofik** - technical assistance GPS-Trans 8 is the first interactive audio/video mix of urban spaces already involved in the GPS-Art activity. 4 audio/video streams from Chicago, Krakow, Luxembourg and Warsaw projected on 4 screens at the Bunkier Sztuki gallery in Krakow are controlled live by 3 cars with GPS systems running simultaniously in Chicago, Luxembourg and Krakow. Video material is an dynamic score for the live performance of Improvising Artists ensemble - one dancer and three musicians. Dancer motion and audio material coming from instruments process the video from 4 cities. PREVIEW